Automated reverse logistics system of returned packages on a conveyor belt

Reverse Logistics

Keep warehouse profits up through improved parcel handling and automatic sortation on returns.

No business likes returns. There's a lot of labor involved in shipping merchandise back to the warehouse for restocking. Plus there's the loss of the sale. Yet consumer demand for "easy returns" is increasing. The eCommerce takeover of much of the retail space is partially responsible. Consumers no longer can try on or touch the goods before purchasing. But buying from a website is deemed safer and more convenient. So they order online with the rationale that they can always send it back through the free parcel return service.  

This can cause a major headache for companies of all sizes. The way to get a handle on returns is through better parcel handling. This means automatic induction and sortation of returned packages. 

Parcels awaiting sorting in warehouse
These return parcel shipments are waiting for sorting at the company's warehouse. An automated parcel handling system will return them to inventory so that the eCommerce cycle can begin again.

Automate your reverse logistics to stay competitive.

Reverse logistics refers to anything traveling backward through the supply chain. Goods that have been returned by the customer are the most common example. But there are others. These can include:

  • Product recalls
  • Return of unsold goods by distribution partners
  • Re-use of packaging
  • Warranty and guarantee agreements
  • Re-manufacturing due to defects
  • Selling products to a secondary market in response to overstocking

In order to remain profitable, companies must automate their reverse logistics. Businesses cannot expect to manage this process by hand and stay competitive in a crowded global marketplace.


BlueCrest Reverse Logistics Solutions

There is quite a bit that goes into accepting packages for return. Parcels need to be weighed to compare the return weight against the original shipping weight. Is this the same product that was shipped? OCR/BCR labels need to be read and images encoded and stored. Then the packages need to be sorted and inspected before they can be returned to the shelf. An automated parcel handling system can speed up and simplify the return process for manufacturers.

BlueCrest offers parcel handling systems with automatic sortation on returns for improved reverse logistics. Solutions are customized and can include any of the following products depending on the size and needs of the customer

  • Sorting Systems

  • Data Capture

  • Flow

  • Print & Apply

  • Software

All BlueCrest solutions, including reverse logistics, provide full end-to-end services that minimize manpower and maximize throughput for any shipping architecture. Our solutions are scalable and customized according to client needs. And products are fully supported. The "BlueShirt Excellence" team provides service and support on all equipment and software purchases over the lifetime of the product.