trucks ready for cross docking at warehouse

Cross-Docking Solutions

Use cross-docking in conjunction with efficient warehouse automation systems.

Every business can benefit from savings in time, resources, and money. For some businesses, a properly deployed cross-docking solution can be one of the most effective warehouse automation systems to achieve these goals. Cross-docking speeds up shipments by removing the need for storing your parcels and freight in a warehouse. This adds efficiency. It also saves money. Rather than putting unloaded freight into a warehouse for long-term storage, cross-docking places that freight into an outbound truck/train/plane on the same day it comes in. 

The key to making this work is automatic sortation and other warehouse automation system technologies. Parcels are offloaded from a truck or other inbound shipping container. They are quickly sorted at the cross-docking warehouse terminal and reloaded onto an outbound shipping vehicle. Automated systems like those from BlueCrest require little to no human interaction. Computers weigh parcels and scan their labels. The packages are processed and sorted along a conveyor system with chutes that organize everything according to its next destination. 

cross docking terminal interior with sorted parcels ready to ship
These parcels have been processed, sorted, and are ready for immediate reshipment through BlueCrest TrueSort® and other automated cross-docking components.

With the right cross-docking solution, you can fast-track the order fulfillment process for bulk shipments and eliminate the need for lengthy warehousing.

BlueCrest Cross-Docking Solutions

Is a cross-docking solution right for you? There are several points to consider. Would your business benefit from increased warehouse space? Cross-docking eliminates a lot of warehouse storage. Could your company benefit by providing speedier shipment of freight? Cross-docking can help with this as well. Cross-docking decreases the number of times your shipment must be handled. Less material handling yields less damage to shipments. For these reasons alone, it's easy to see why cross-docking is a desirable practice. However, to truly take advantage of the efficiencies offered by this logistics practice, an automated solution is necessary. BlueCrest has the equipment and software to help businesses of all sizes with their cross-docking needs:

  • Sorting Systems

  • Data Capture

  • Flow

  • Print & Apply

  • Software

BlueCrest parcels solutions provide a full end-to-end solution that minimizes manpower and maximizes throughput for any shipping architecture. All solutions are customized according to client needs and fully supported. Our "BlueShirt Excellence" team provides service and support on all equipment and software purchases over the lifetime of the product.