Parcel Management Software

Use BlueCrest eCommerce automation software and our other parcel management software solutions to maximize efficiency across your entire parcel process.

closeup of tablet screen showing ecommerce automation software
This tablet screen shows the BlueCrest eCommerce automation software in action.

Types of eCommerce automation software available at BlueCrest.

BlueCrest eCommerce automation software is the brains behind every one of our parcel solutions. From data to delivery, you can rely on these smart software products to handle all of your parcel processing needs, managing data capture, postal processing, sortation, and more! Solutions are available for everything from simple data capture and dimensioning to robust, all-encompassing solutions connecting multiple sites.

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SortEngine 360 Intelligent Parcel Process Software:

SortEngine™ 360 is our most advanced parcel management software solution. It delivers maximum productivity, cost savings, and operational efficiency within any sortation process. This innovative postal software architecture connects multiple sortation equipment types including letters, flats, mixed mail, and parcels. SortEngine™ 360 is an intelligent software that addresses postal processing demands while providing the agility required in connecting multiple sites.

BlueCrest SortEngine™ 360 is the smart sortation solution for your parcel process that connects multiple sites for increased productivity, cost savings, and operational efficiency.

OneSort® Parcel Management Software:

The OneSort® family is made up of the Prime, Pro, and Plus models. Each one possesses the industry’s most reliable dimensioning and data capture available. OneSort® solutions can help address issues for a wide range of eCommerce, express logistics, supply chain, and shipping center applications. Choose the model that best suits your needs models are available.

  • OneSort® Prime: A compact and simple-to-use parcel sorter providing faster shipment processing, OneSort® Prime is your introduction to dimensioning and data capture.
  • OneSort® Pro: An all-in-one parcel induction and management system, OneSort® Pro is an ideal first step to full parcel automation.
  • OneSort® Plus: Use OneSort® Plus parcel management software for larger parcels up to 48" x 48" x 64" and 330 pounds.

NetSort® Outgoing Postal Software:

Whether you are processing direct marketing mail, high-value invoices, or eCommerce parcels — or a mix of all these products — NetSort® supports the intricacies of postal preparation rules, allowing you to focus on your business, while our software keeps pace with changing rules and guidelines.

  • Maximize postal discounts for mail and parcels
  • Support a wide range of product classes
  • Scalable to a large number of sorters

iMb-Vestigate® Postal Software:

For mailers and parcel-handing companies, it isn’t enough to keep pieces flowing through production. To maximize profit in today’s data-heavy environment of mail production, it is imperative to avoid fines for improperly labeled and reported mail or packages. When the USPS receives parcels that do not have the appropriate postage, they must be sorted or returned for proper documentation and payment. The price for this extra time and work is covered through fines imposed as postage penalties to the handling company.

IMb-Vestigate® from BlueCrest is a postal software application that compares USPS unclaimed postage reports against data from our NetSort Sorting Platform or manually imported Mail.dat files. It provides the data you need to validate or dispute USPS results. IMb-Vestigate® quickly scans up to one year of mail production data to identify discrepancies in the USPS scorecard results. It's easy to see how this postal software quickly pays for itself.


eCommerce Automation Software/Parcel Process Solutions

Parcel management software solutions from BlueCrest automate all your parcel process and postal needs to maximize efficiency and reduce error. All BlueCrest sortation software, eCommerce automation software, and postal software solutions for parcel processing are customized for each client/location. Additionally, all BlueCrest software and equipment are modular. That makes it easily scalable as your business needs change. Potential BlueCrest software solutions for your parcel processes include:

  • Data Capture

  • Software

BlueCrest automation systems provide full end-to-end solutions that minimize manpower and maximize throughput for any parcel process. All solutions are customized according to client needs. Our "BlueShirt Excellence" team provides service and support on all equipment and software purchases over the lifetime of the product.