Parcel Sorters

BlueCrest offers high-speed sorting machines for automating the sorting of all types and sizes of parcels.

TrueSort Advanced:

TrueSort Advanced is a high-speed parcel sorter built with industry-leading flexible linear cross-belt technology. This provides one of the widest material spectrums including items that weigh up to 20kg and down to as little as 50g.

The TrueSort Advanced provides options including sorting into bags, carts, and sliding chutes; or a combination of all three. It supports reading multiple barcodes and utilizes BlueCrest Sabre OCR in applications requiring address reading.     Learn More >

TrueSort Prime:

The TrueSort Prime small parcel sorting system is an integrated solution with automated dimensioning, weighing, and scanning for eCommerce applications, and collection of vital parcel data in a single touch. It is a compact and simple-to-use automated sortation system providing faster shipment processing. The solution is applicable to a wide range of applications including small parcels, eCommerce packs, and polybags.

Watch the TrueSort Prime simple and easy-to-use automated sortation system.     Learn More >

OneSort Parcel Management System and Workstation:

OneSort provides all of the automation needed for enhanced parcel processing and management. This integrated, small-footprint solution scans barcodes and captures weighing and dimensioning data, helping to streamline complete shipping documentation. Ideal for many environments, the OneSort simplifies the parcel sortation workflow and reduces human errors.

OneSort Parcel Management System and Workstation

The OneSort Pro excels in all types of environments, collecting vital data needed for outbound parcels to qualify for carrier or postal discounts, as well as item images for verification, tracking, analysis, and claim protection. Inbound operations use OneSort data to improve receiving, tracking, distribution, and staff communication.      Learn More >

SortAssist Manual Sorting Station:

SortAssist is a fully featured manual sort solution powered by SortEngine® 360 software.  This parcel sorting center produces bag-level manifests for upload. Includes all the functionalities of a large Parcel Sorter around data IT.

Sort Assist Manual Parcel Sorting Station with Bag-Level Manifests

Simple manual sortation system with the software and data functionality of a larger automated system.      Learn More >

Parcel Sortation Systems

In addition to the BlueCrest sortation equipment listed above, potential parcel sortation solutions for your parcel processes include:

  • Data Capture

  • Software

  • Flow

  • Print & Apply

  • Software

Use these parcel sorting solutions to gain operational efficiency for your business. We have a sortation system to suit every need. BlueCrest automation systems provide full end-to-end solutions that minimize manpower and maximize throughput for any parcel process. All solutions are customized according to client needs. Our "BlueShirt Excellence" team provides service and support on all equipment and software purchases over the lifetime of the product.

  • Financing is available for all BlueCrest equipment.
  • BlueCrest offers remanufactured systems in addition to new equipment. BlueCrest’s Certified Remanufactured systems are pre-owned, or a hybrid of both new and refurbished components, at a lower price point. They have the same innovative features, leverage the latest technology, and meet the same quality standards as new systems.