3PL  Logistics

Automated Shipping System

3PL eCommerce fulfillment automation.

3PL stands for "third-party logistics."  It refers to outsourced logistics services and involves the storing or shipping of items by a third party. Many manufacturers and distributors use 3PL as part of their supply chain management. This allows goods to be stored closer to the consumer or end-user, thus shortening delivery times. 3PL logistics is an important part of today's eCommerce environment. The inherent flexibility in space, transportation, and labor makes it an economical choice, especially when combined with an overall automated shipping system strategy.

This warehouse uses BlueCrest's automated sortation products to send parcels to the correct shipping bay as part of their 3PL logistics and automated shipping systems solution.

Automated shipping systems and 3PL.

3PL goes hand-in-hand with eCommerce fulfillment. Using a 3PL is economical because it keeps business flexible. When you use a 3PL for your logistics, space, transportation, and labor are all scalable depending on current needs and inventory. The key to keeping it efficient, however, lies in the automated processes at each 3PL warehouse location. 

3PLs use automated shipping systems to enhance speed and productivity. Picking, packaging, labeling, sortation, inventory, and tracking are all functions that can be automated to improve efficiencies. And more efficiency generally means better profits. Even smaller warehouses can reap benefits. Automated inventory in conjunction with automated picking and sorting leads to faster fulfillment with fewer errors and less need for human intervention. Reduced need for staffing lowers labor costs and helps keep the facility Lean. As an investment, automation solutions at a 3PL facility quickly pay for themselves.

BlueCrest 3PL Logistics & Automation Solutions

Demand for 3PL eCommerce fulfillment is growing! BlueCrest offers automation solutions to all 3PL logistics and eCommerce fulfillment needs. There's a BlueCrest 3PL eCommerce fulfillment solution for every automation environment — from micro fulfillment to larger 3PL logistics needs. Solutions are modular and customized for each location. Components of a 3PL automation solution can include any of the following products depending on the size and needs of the customer:

  • Sorting Systems

  • Data Capture

  • Flow

  • Print & Apply

  • Software

All BlueCrest solutions, including 3PL eCommerce fulfillment, provide full end-to-end services that minimize manpower and maximize throughput for any shipping architecture. All solutions are scalable and customized according to client needs. Our "BlueShirt Excellence" team provides service and support on all equipment and software purchases over the lifetime of the product.