Warehouse automation showing parcels on a conveyor surrounded by pallets of boxes

Warehouse Automation System Enhancements

Bulk Dumping & Buffering


Improve your automated parcel sortation.

Moving parcels from pallets to the sortation line used to be a manual process. But not anymore. Now they can be moved en-mass automatically. Bulk Dumping & Buffering on the parcel sortation line creates a constant, even flow of products. BlueCrest sortation systems can be designed to break down the parcel sequence with a series of 90-degree turns which reduces the clumping of the parcels. This allows for on-demand delivery and since the system is never “starved” for parcels, productivity is increased and labor need is reduced. The system is designed to not have any manual intervention outside of loading the pallets into the dumper. The dumper goes through a series of pauses to let the product gradually unload and has a sensor to dump the product on demand.

bulk dumping and buffering system adds parcels to sortation line for warehouse automation
Bulk Dumping & Buffering adds products en masse to the automated parcel sortation line in a smooth and efficient manner. A pallet of boxes is loaded into the dumper. The dumper gradually spills its contents onto the conveyor. A series of right turns further separates the parcels into an even flow and prevents clumping. It is a beneficial solution for high-volume warehouse automation systems and decreases the overall need for human labor.

How does Bulk Dumping & Buffering affect warehouse automation systems?

  • Bulk dumping and buffering is a means to expand your warehouse automation system.
  • Add parcels to your sortation line at a consistent, even tempo without any human intervention.
  • Eliminate clumping of parcels in the sortation line for a more even flow.
  • Reduce staffing needs.
  • Increase efficiencies in overall automated parcel sortation including speed.

BlueCrest Bulk Dumping & Buffering Solutions

Greater eCommerce activity combined with labor shortages drives the need for more efficient warehouse automation. Bulk dumping and buffering is one answer because it increases the speed and volume of parcel processing without relying on additional manpower. Solutions are modular and customized for each location. Components of an automated parcel sortation solution with bulk dumping and buffering can include any of the following products depending on the size and needs of the customer:

  • Sorting Systems

  • Data Capture

  • Flow

  • Software

Automated Bulk Dumping & Buffering and other BlueCrest parcel solutions provide full end-to-end services that minimize manpower and maximize throughput for any shipping architecture. All solutions are customized according to client needs. Our "BlueShirt Excellence" team provides service and support on all equipment and software purchases over the lifetime of the product.