About us

At BlueCrest, we’re ready to collaborate, innovate and grow your parcels business. BlueCrest is dedicated to advancing your operations to meet the demands of the future so your business can be smarter, faster, stronger — better. Look to us for the world’s most comprehensive line of production printers, inserters, sorters, parcel sorting solutions, and software. We offer a genuine commitment to innovation, postal, and warehouse efficiency with unprecedented support.


BlueCrest was born in July 2018, when the current company broke off from Pitney Bowes to form an independent corporation dedicated to mail sorting and parcel automation solutions. Experience and expertise run deep at BlueCrest. Most employees have been with us since well before the split.

Our expertise continues to grow. In early 2022, BlueCrest acquired Fluence Automation, another industry leader specializing in the processing of packages and parcels. Further acquisitions include WindowBook and BCC Software, expanding our offerings in the areas of mail and presort software.

eCommerce Automation and Warehouse Efficiency

With the continuous growth of eCommerce, the demand for high-speed sorting machinery, including greater automation, has increased. The need to keep up with an ever-increasing number of orders puts a strain on many companies. That's where BlueCrest can help. We have expanded our parcel sorting to end-to-end processing to include receiving, inventory, picking, packaging, rate shopping, Print & Apply, and shipping. Our warehouse automation systems improve overall warehouse efficiency. We make it easy to ship both small and large products from your distribution center by giving you the ability to meet peak throughput needs, preventing bottlenecks, and setting you up for success.

Parcel Sorting

We specialize in providing high-performance parcel sorting and encoding systems as a solution to your parcel sorting needs. Parcels, flats, and polybags are diverted from the sortation line quickly, efficiently, and consistently without adding time and cost to the process. Our modular systems are adapted to your business requirements.

BlueCrest solutions include warehouse and postal efficiencies such as automated parcel sorting, weighing, OCR/BCR character reading, labeling, and more.


BlueCrest is a global corporation with locations around the world. Headquarters are in Danbury Connecticut, USA with satellite locations across the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Japan, and India. When you need us, we'll be there.