packages enter conveyor belt for eCommerce fulfillment automation

eCommerce Fulfillment Automation

Maximize distribution center efficiencies while increasing profits.

With more and more consumers choosing to shop online, eCommerce providers are busy. One way to keep up with increased demand is through greater automation at the distribution center. Automated fulfillment processes are more efficient, allowing consumers to get their goods faster with fewer mistakes and better customer care. This translates to happier customers and more repeat orders. Human error is eliminated through automation. Challenges due to labor shortages are minimized. It's a win-win for everyone. And BlueCrest has the solutions to make it work. BlueCrest offers eCommerce fulfillment automation solutions for receiving, sorting, inventory, picking, Print & Apply labeling, and shipping.  

Watch BlueCrest automation in action. Our eCommerce fulfillment automation solutions can save your company time and money. Efficiencies and cost savings include receiving, inventory control, labeling, automated warehouse picking, plus automated shipping and sortation system equipment.

Automated shipping and sortation systems.

BlueCrest eCommerce fulfillment automation solutions include advanced automated shipping and sortation systems, making your business more profitable. Ship small and large products from your distribution centers with maximum efficiency. Our high-performance sorting technology for poly, packets, packages, and box items means less manual handling. This translates to better order accuracy, fewer returns, faster processing of orders, and speedier deliveries. All systems are modular and adaptable for your business needs.

Sortation solutions are available for large operations with high volumes in addition to full-featured products like the new SortAssist™ for businesses with smaller parcel processing needs. Software products like our BlueCrest SortEngine® 360 allow the connection of multiple sortation equipment types into a single system.

Automated warehouse picking and labeling.

Picking often represents some of the highest labor costs for a company. It's also an area that can see great improvements through automation. Up to 60% of a typical picker's time is spent walking around the warehouse floor. Installing conveyor belts can increase picking speed. Automating the labeling process with a Print & Apply system like Raptor saves additional time and reduces errors by eliminating manual labeling.

BlueCrest eCommerce Fulfillment Automation Solutions

There's a BlueCrest eCommerce fulfillment automation solution for every size operation. All products are modular and customized to client needs. Any of the following components may be included in a BlueCrest eCommerce fulfillment automation solution.

  • Sorting Systems

  • Data Capture

  • Flow

  • Print & Apply

  • Software

BlueCrest eCommerce fulfillment automation systems provide a full end-to-end solution that minimizes manpower and maximizes throughput for any shipping architecture. All solutions are customized according to client needs and fully supported. All solutions are scalable, customized according to client needs, and fully supported. Our "BlueShirt Excellence" team provides service and support on all equipment and software purchases over the lifetime of the product.